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Beauty brands - FRÉ Skincare

In this Novembers edition we take a look at how beauty brands like Skin + Me, Current Body, Allies of Skin, FRÉ Skincare and Rose & Caramel are managing and succeeding at their influencer gifting programs in the beauty industry. Exploring what platforms they are most focused on and the general trend from the content they are posting.

Top 5 beauty brands based on EMV

Using Dyzio’s advanced data and analytics platform, we monitored and tracked influencer activity of forty beauty brands between August – November and compared their overall performance, the impact of specific influencer partnerships, and the earned media value (EMV) that they achieved.   

Below are the 5 beauty brands that came out on top, when looking at their EMV. 

BrandCreatorsReach Imps. Eng.Imps. EMV Eng. EMV 
1Skin + Me181.0M1.2M8.0K£11,529£803
2Current Body21896K994K32.5k£9,941£3,248
3Allies of Skin21712K799k14.9k£7,992£1,493
5Rose & Caramel 13256K247K1.2K£3,738£119

Skin + Me

Skin + Me offer a personalised prescription skincare service with the goal of providing an affordable solution to long waiting times for dermatologist appointments in both the NHS and private sector.

To engage with influencers, Skin + Me uses a combination of paid partnerships and product gifting to micro, macro and mega-influencers. Notably, influencers who receive ‘gifted’ products are required to pay a £3.50 pharmacy fee, adhering to legal regulations that prohibit the free distribution of medical products. 

The brand’s influencer strategy places emphasis on collaborating with influencers who genuinely require the skincare products, addressing concerns such as acne, blemish, or wrinkles. This approach involves targeting a diverse selection of influencers, including those who are skin-conscious or have particular skin conditions due to environmental or hormonal factors.  

Diverse influencers include influencers spanning all ages including macro-influencers like beauty and skincare expert @carolinehirons, reality TV personalities such as @samieelishi, motherhood influencers like @ashleylouisejames, and influencers who review skincare products like @sonam.lifediary. 

These influencers share their experiences through various platforms such as Instagram, Stories, YouTube, or TikTok. The content typically includes before and after photos including discount codes for their followers to use. 

Across  18 influencers analysed by Dyzio, Skin + Me’s influencer partnerships have generated: 

  • 1 Million in reach 
  • 1.2 Million impressions 
  • 8,100 Engagements 
  • £12,000 in earned media value (EMV) 

Macro-influencer @carolinehirons, who has a following of 732,000 and specialises in beauty and skincare content. Caroline was identified as the top-performing influencer, achieving a reach of 454,000, 483,000 impressions, and a total of £4,500 in earned media value.

Current Body

Current Body stands as the biggest retailer for electrical health and beauty products in the world which also includes their own branded range. Their LED face masks have recently taken social media by storm after celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Julia Roberts showcased their skincare routines featuring these face masks. 

Current Body’s influencer strategy focuses on leveraging nano, micro, macro-influencers, through a combination of paid partnerships and gifting programs. For example, Current Body partnered with lifestyle macro-influencer @raecambra, who has 262,000 followers, through a paid partnership to promote the ZIIP HALO beauty device. Rae’s Instagram reel emerged as the standout piece of content, achieving 345,048 reach, 418,000 impressions, and 25,501 engagements, resulting in £6,500 in earned media value.

Current Body has seen big success with nano and micro-influencers across TikTok and Instagram. For example, nano-influencer @its_steph, who has 7,000 followers and niche is beauty tutorials and lifestyle tips. This partnership generated 44,737 reach, 52,871 impressions, and 563 engagements, with a commendable £600 in earned media value.

Partnering with influencers across different tiers suggests Current Body has a multi-layered approach. Nano-influencers like Steph cater to a specific, niche audience interested in beauty tutorials, while macro-influencers like Rae play a pivotal role in enhancing overall brand awareness.

Across 21 influencers analysed by Dyzio, Current Body’s influencer partnerships have generated: 

  • 888,000  in reach 
  • 1 Million impressions 
  • 32,800 Engagements 
  • £13,500 in earned media value (EMV)

These results show the effectiveness of Current Body’s influencer strategy in reaching diverse audiences and maximising earned media value.

Allies of Skin

One key factor that shaped Allies of Skin’s growth was increasing its budget to work with influencers. The brand rapidly gained traction on Instagram, leveraging influencers, particularly beauty and skincare enthusiasts to talk about the ingredients and percentages of actives used in the product.

Allies of Skin places significant emphasis on its influencer gifting program, by strategically engaging with a variety of nano and micro-influencers. Many of these influencers create content centred around product reviews and skincare, fostering communities that are more likely to interact with their content, especially when accompanied by discount codes and positive reviews. 

Across 21 influencers analysed by Dyzio, Allies of Skin’s influencer partnerships have generated: 

  • 713,000  in reach 
  • 800,000 impressions 
  • 15,500 Engagements 
  • £9,500 in earned media value (EMV)

Notably, micro-influencer @sascha.skincare, who has 13,000 followers, stood out as the most active influencer according to Dyzio’s analysis, showcasing 5 reels and 8 stories. Sascha’s contributions resulted in an impressive reach of 257,000, 281,000 impressions, 2,749 engagements, and a total EMV of £3,000, constituting 30% of the brand’s overall EMV.

FRÉ Skincare

Fré Skincare is a solution dedicated to active people or those with an active lifestyle, engaging in outdoor sports, enjoying beach activities – generally anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors in the sun and is exposed to UV rays. 

Fré focuses on gifting influencers who believe in their values and are very active on Instagram to increase brand awareness and help their followers to take action to protect themselves against harsh UV rays.

To amplify their goals, they leverage micro and macro-influencers including athletes, yoga or pilates teachers, volleyball players and all rounder fitness enthusiasts. 

Across 21 influencers analysed by Dyzio, Fré’s influencer partnerships have generated: 

  • 533,000  in reach 
  • 626,000 impressions 
  • 9,600 Engagements 
  • £7,000 in earned media value (EMV)

Two high performing influencers are @thegirlhabit, a macro influencer with 145,000 and focuses her content on healthy hair tips. Leore (@thegirlhabit) achieved 284,398 reach, 336,106 impressions, 7,894 engagements and £4,000 in total earned media value.

Second, was @michellelaframboise, a fitness enthusiast macro-influencers with 124,000 followers. Michelle achieved 122,491 reach, 142,594 impressions, 134 engagements and £1,450 in earned media value. Both influencers have achieved a combined total of £5,450 in EMV making up 77% of total earned media value. 

In summary, the influencers associated with Fré Skincare, particularly @thegirlhabit and @michellellaframboise, have played a pivotal role in amplifying brand awareness.

Rose and Caramel 

Rose and Caramel is an award winning self tan brand that has recently gone viral on TikTok reaching 3 – 7 million views on several videos for their rapid fake tan remover. 

The brand heavily focuses on gifting products to nano-influencers with followers as little as 500 and micro-influencers with up to 90,000 followers across Instagram and TikTok. These influencers include make-up artists, those who focus on product reviews on skincare and lifestyle influencers. 

Across a network of 13 influencers analysed by Dyzio, Fré’s influencer partnerships have generated: 

  • 256,000  in reach 
  • 274,000 impressions 
  • 1.2,600 Engagements 
  • £3,000 in earned media value (EMV)

Make-up artist @makeupizzyy who has 90,000 followers on Instagram,  was the highest performing influencer monitored by Dyzio, generating 34,522 reach, 37,260 impressions, 17 engagements and £370 in total earned media value for her reel. 

Nano-influencer and make-up artist @bries__beauty who has 500 followers, was the most active influencer producing 3 reels and 1 story. Brie achieved 994 reach, 1,155 impressions and 138 engagements. Despite Brie’s small following she has achieved high engagements demonstrating her followers are highly engaged with her content. 

Key Takeaways

  • The influencer gifting strategies leveraged by these cosmetic brands, have proven successful in maximising brand awareness, reaching diverse audiences and generating EMV. The focus on different influencer tiers and strategic partnerships i.e. paid and gifting across platforms, has contributed to their overall success.
  • By identifying the top-performing influencers in your gifting campaigns, by using EMV, brands can strategically allocate resources to boost and promote their content on Instagram. This could involve creating deeper paid partnerships with these influencers, or investing in boosting the influencers’ content, via paid media on Meta or TikTok.

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