Truestart coffee

How TrueStart Coffee generated mass awareness through influencer gifting

The challenge TrueStart Coffee wanted to make more people aware of their lightly caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, while also highlighting the key health benefits in the health and wellbeing sector. The solution To address this challenge, TrueStart partnered with Dyzio Shopfluence to implement an influencer gifting strategy using nano and micro-influencers across TikTok and Instagram. […]

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Abbott Lyon

How Abbott Lyon rapidly scaled their influencer gifting program

The challenge Abbott Lyon were going through a time consuming process by manually communicating with influencers, distributing 100 unique discount codes and gifts a month, and searching for influencer content and selected Dyzio Shopfluence to help solve this problem. The solution To address these challenges, Abbott Lyon partnered with Dyzio Shopfluence and undertook several key […]

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