Shopify Collabs vs Shopfluence: Which one is right for you?

Shopify Collabs

How to choose the right platform

For brands and marketers making the choices between Shopify Collabs and Shopfluence, there are some key features that could make all the difference.

We compare key features and consider Shopfluence as a Shopify Collabs alternative. 

Shopify Collabs 

Shopify Collabs is a recruitment and management tool that was built primarily for affiliate marketing. It focuses on sales conversions with no insights on other forms of engagement such as likes or comments. It does offer a search tool that allows brands to find affiliates and influencers, however, you cannot create specific campaigns through the platform. 


Shopfluence offers a range of powerful features that enable you to automate, track, and scale your gifting programs.

By seamlessly integrating your Shopify store with Shopfluence, your gifting initiatives can surge ahead. From enabling new influencers to join your program, to facilitating gift distribution through your standard eCommerce channels, and real-time tracking of social content and associated sales – the entire process is customisable and white-labeled, adding a layer of credibility to your influencer relationships and boosting the overall effectiveness of your gifting program – from social to sales.

Shopfluence VS Shopify Collabs


Shopify Collabs
White label creator sign-up page

Track influencer content across all social media platforms

Email reminder to order and upload content

Automated influencer outreach and chase emails 

Distribute unique discount codes at scale

Automate mass distribution of unique discount codes and follower discount codes

Audience discount code tracking

Track influencer sales via audience discount codes

Real-time live campaign

Generate campaign reports including reach, impressions, engagements and Instagram Stories data.

Content tracking (inc stories)

Track influencer content across all social media platforms

Campaign management

Approve and activate influencers who have signed up to your program

Influencer sign-up page

White-label influencer sign-up forms

Post campaign analysis


Creator history and demographics

Access influencer’s previous brand collaborations, demographics and enagagement rates

Pre-registered influencer

Database of high quality pre-registered influencers

Paypal pay-away

Pay influencers directly from the platform

Commission calculation

Automatically calculate commission linked to sales made by the influencer 

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