Top 5 brands winning at influencer gifting: Analysis, insights and key takeaways

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In our first edition Shopfluence takes a look at how Pasta Evangelists, Odd Muse, Neom Organics, Tala, and Dylan Oaks are managing and succeeding at their influencer gifting programs, exploring what platforms they are most focused on and the general trend from the content they are posting. 

  1. TALA

TALA is a UK-based activewear brand with a huge focus on sustainbaility. TALA focuses on two main pillars; affiliate marketing and the sales from these collaborations and UGC (User Generated Content).

Sustainability lies at the heart of TALA and therefore works with a variety of environmentally conscious, female personal trainers, health and lifestyle micro and macro-influencers, primarily on Instagram but also some on TikTok. 

Founder Grace Beverley, quoted in interviews that a 5% engagement rate is a must for influencers that she and the brand want to work with. For example, fashion and lifestyle macro-influencer @isabellapmayer, partnered with TALA, has a 6.7% engagement rate on Instagram and promotes their clothing on both Instagram and TikTok. 

TALA posts less frequently on TikTok compared to Instagram, so it can be assumed that they might be early on in the process of collaborating with influencers on the platform. Whereas on Instagram, the brand posts around 2-3 pieces of content a day and that’s not including stories. 

TALA benefits massively from the founder Grace, who is also a social media influencer with over 1M followers on Instagram. She is by far the biggest advocate for the brand by posting about the brand daily. 53% of followers of TALA’s Instagram are also followers of the brand, which suggests the substantial impact Grace’s content has on TALA. 

  1. Pasta evangelists

Pasta Evangelists are driven by a mission to foster connections among people, placing a profound emotional emphasis on the concepts of community, shared experiences, and the creation of lasting memories through the enjoyment of exceptional pasta dishes. 

In Italy, pasta embodies the spirit of sharing: not just food, but also stories, cherished moments and more. Pasta Evangelists actively encourages its customers to share their culinary experiences, and attempts to gain considerable momentum through collaborations with nano and micro-influencers. 

By partnering with a diverse array of nano and micro-influencers, as well as passionate food enthusiasts on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, Pasta Evangelists leverages the advantages of these influencers’ smaller yet highly engaged audiences. 

For example, @jimmys_food_review, has an impressive average engagement of 8.2% on Instagram, making him an ideal collaborator who resonates deeply with his food-loving community. His recent collaboration with Pasta Evangelists 

This synergy seamlessly aligns with Pasta Evangelists’ core values of nurturing emotional connections, building a sense of community, and promoting the joy of shared experiences. 

  1. Odd Muse

Odd Muse employs a 100% organic approach to influencer gifting, fostering authentic and meaningful relationships with their influencer network. Their roster encompasses a wide spectrum, including mega and celebrity influencers such as @lornaluxe and @tashghouri.

Odd Muse’s confidence in the quality of their products and their brand ethos is so intense that they refrain from making influencers to include #AD within their content. This deliberate choice enhances the likelihood of influencer-generated content being genuinely honest, authentic and relatable to their respective audiences, thereby nurturing sincere connections. 

During London Fashion Week 2023, Odd Muse solidified their position as one of the top performers, which was amplified by founder Amieee’s social media posts which earned a remarkable 308% engagement. 

  1. Neom Organics

NEOM Organics has created a new, cost-effective channel for growing an authentic community through their Ambassador program.

When searching for the right influencers, Neom Organics  concentrates on the campaign objectives whether it’s sales, awareness, getting a particular message across or changing brand perceptions and considers who is most aligned. Whilst ensuring the influencers showcase diversity whether it’s age, gender, ethnicity, and expertise. 

Neom Organics check their stats against their objectives (following, engagement rate, audience demographics, proven track record to perform) and ensure they really elevate the brand. 

In less than 5 months, they’ve achieved 149k+ engagements through the audience of their NEOM ambassadors

  1. Dylan Oaks 

Using the Dyzio platform, we’ve conducted an analysis on Dylan Oaks’ influencer collaborations, shedding light on the key aspects of their influencer strategy and it’s performance to date. 

Dylan Oaks has engaged in partnerships with a diverse array of fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencers across Instagram and TikTok which included nano, micro, and macro-influencers, spanning from 1,000 followers to 600,000 followers. 

When comparing the data from Instagram to TikTok in terms of their collaborations with influencers, we found that there is a small difference between the engagement rates of Instagram and TikTok.  Looking at the past month in Dyzio, we can see that the engagement rate on Instagram is averaged out around 3% between posts, reels and stories and the engagement on TikTok is 2.76%.


On Instagram, Dylan Oaks has fostered partnerships with around 35 beauty, lifestyle, and fashion influencers, spanning from nano to macro-influencers, with follower counts ranging from 1,000 to 115,000. 

Analysis of Dyland Oaks’ instagram report on Dyzio demonstrates that their top-performing influencers are predominantly micro-influencers. For example, top performing lifestyle influencer @croiafitzpatrick, achieved an outstanding engagement rate of 7% on her primary and account and had her content featured on Dylan Oak’s Instagram account suggesting Dylan Oaks embraces User-Generated Content (UGS) as an element of their strategy.

In total, the collective efforts of influencers on Instagram generated 257,700 views and 24,400 engagements. 


On TikTok, Dylan Oaks has concentrated its efforts on collaborating with 15 nano and micro-influencers, each with follower counts ranging from 1,000 to 43,000. Interestingly, the number of influencers actively posting on TikTok appears to be less than those engaged on instagram. 

This strategy aligns with the unique nature of TikTok, where even smaller influencers have the potential to gain thousands of views or to go viral. 

Despite the low number of influencers, Dylan Oaks has achieved brand exposure across TikTok through collaborating with nano and micro-influencers generating 119,000 views and 3,800 engagements. This emphasises the effectiveness of collaborating with smaller influencers on a platform like TikTok

Overall, across Instagram and TikTok Dylan Oaks influencer program has generated 378,000 views, 120,000 impressions and 28,000 engagements. Dylan Oak’s influencer marketing strategy reflects an effective approach to leverage both TikTok’s natural potential to reach a wider audience and Instagram’s niche audience targeting capabilities, resulting in brand exposure and high engagement.

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